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11th hour 11th day 11th month

11th Hour 11th Day 11th Month 2018

11th Hour 11th Day 11th Month: At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember ...
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Early Retirement Health Insurance Options

Early Retirement Health Insurance Options

2019 FIRE-Proof Individual Health Insurance Open Enrollment The time is short for choosing which health care plan to choose for ...
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FIRE Health Insurance 2019

FIRE Health Insurance for 2019

Early Retirement – FIRE-proof health insurance? Why are your friends and family asking, “Are you crazy?” FIRE! We declared Financial ...
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Countdown to early retirement

Countdown to Freedom and Early Retirement

Four Month Countdown to Freedom and Early Retirement Retired in 2019 Countdown is running Well, we did it! We declared ...
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Never Know Now Never: Sergio Marchionne

The object lesson of a hero denied his just rewards A reality check the last couple of weeks is both ...
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difference between profit and nonprofit organizations

What is the Difference between Profit and Nonprofit Organizations?

Nonprofit vs Profit Senior Housing Communities -- Does it really matter? And if so how? "What is the difference between ...
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third act of life

Third Act of Life – When to Make the Retirement Leap

Late for the Sky, the heartbreakingly plaintiff and personal song by Jackson Browne, “[is] about a moment when you realize ...
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Health Insurance for Retirees under 65

Health Insurance for Retirees Under 65

Wall between us and early-retirement Retirement doesn’t mean what it used to mean. In a lot of ways. Yes, far ...
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Over the Boomer Horizon Photo by Samuele Errico Piccarini

Over the Boomer Horizon

The Infinite Game A Leader’s vision doesn’t stop at the goal line. Successful leaders see over the horizon. They play ...
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tax reform and senior housing

Tax Reform and Senior Housing Demand

Tsunami of Boomer moves due to higher Standard Deduction? Are tax reform and senior housing demand linked? Will the Trump ...
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Altavita Village - Sam Schooler photo

Altavita Village, How Not to Crash and Burn

Snapshot vs. Trend Pick a community headed in the right direction The story of Air Force Village West (renamed Altavita ...
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early retirement health odds

Early-Retirement Health Odds, Good or Bad?

Early Retirement either kills you or makes you live longer What are the early retirement health odds? Is early-retirement good ...
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Encore Entrepreneurship Minefield

Encore Entrepreneurship Minefield for Boomers

Some people shouldn't start a business in retirement. The encore entrepreneurship minefield is a big risk. The wrong personality or ...
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millionaire mentors

Are million dollar early retirees ruining personal finance?

Can you learn from a millionaire mentor? We do, so can you Another personal finance blog we like,, recently ...
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Startup killing hidden assumptions

It Just Ain’t So — Startup Killing Hidden Assumptions

It’s What You Know for Sure That Just Ain’t So Startup killing hidden assumptions are avoidable "It ain't what you ...
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Providers burn through patient income

Providers burn through patient income

Not very many people got a 30% pay raise the last five years, but pharmaceutical companies and hospital ERs did ...
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GEOarbitrage – Trading places for retirement wealth

GEOarbitrage in retirement is trading locations with location-based differences in cost-of-living, and or income, to capture greater wealth. Arbitrage captures ...
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muhammad ali

A View Of The World, Muhammad Ali

Born Cassius Clay, Muhammad Ali was the son of a sign painter and a house cleaner. He learned to box ...
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Should I pay myself a salary as a married blogger

Should I Pay Myself a Salary as a Married Blogger?

Social Security and Self-Employment Taxes Should I pay myself a salary as a married blogger? The answer is it depends ...
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Unexpected Income

Unexpected Income, Save Tax Reform Savings

Opportunity Knocking With the enactment of the new tax reform bill, our takehome income will change for 2018. Here's a ...
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FinCon17 FinTech17

FinCon17 FinTech Finds for Boomer Personal Finances

No Excuse “I’m not good with numbers” is often an excuse for “I don’t do budgets” or “I don’t understand ...
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