Find a Penny with Brian Munoz

Find a penny, pick it up

Find a penny, pick it up all day long you’ll have good luck. Put the penny in your shoe, and ...
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Balance Like a Dancer. Better Balance for Life by Carol Clements

Balance like a dancer with strength and flexibility

Strength. Flexibility. Balance. The movement triple play. And the greatest of these is? When we’re young it’s all about strength ...
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55+ Community Average Age

55+ Community Average Age?

A reader of Aging With Freedom recently asked:"What is the average age in a 55 + active adult community? 70? ...
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Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Key traits of successful entrepreneurs predict the success of your business and screen for if you should be an entrepreneur ...
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Emotional pattern recognition

Emotional Pattern Recognition

Understanding your customer’s why What emotion drives your customer to buy? Whether it's music, boats, technology, or senior living? Each ...
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The Ranch Stillwater OK A Cautionary Tale. Aging With Freedom

The Ranch Stillwater OK a Cautionary Tale

The Ranch Stillwater OK (Oklahoma) is a cautionary tale for consumers considering buying into a retirement community still in development ...
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Viome Test Results woman drinking with straw

How to Turn VIOME TEST RESULTS Into Success

Can we spin Viome test results into health gold? We spent our summer COVID isolation gardening and completing home projects ...
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Retirement Roadie with musical notes

Retirement Roadie Chasing Songs About Me

Chasing live music experiences I’ve threatened my spouse that my ideal retirement travel is chasing my favorite bands. A retirement ...
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Our Gratitude Pumpkin

Gratitude Pumpkin

Our Gratitude Pumpkin What is a gratitude pumpkin? One effect of the pandemic? Social media is a big window into ...
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Book cover for On With The Butter! The subject of this Aging With Freedom book review.

Viking Aging Lessons — On With The Butter!

Aging With Freedom® Book Club Review – Keep moving, doing, and living in retirement On With The Butter! Spread More ...
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John Carpenter's Escape From New York playbill illustrates the post-2020 urban exodus.

Boomer Exodus Answer to 2020

A friend joked, no one correctly predicted where we’d be in 2020. Pandemics will apparently do that. But the pandemic ...
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Ana White farmhouse potting bench by Aging With Freedom assembled but before finish coats.

Free Time is Creative Time Potting Bench Build

Coronavirus isolation changed a lot of creatives’ otherwise full calendars. If you can’t do all of your regularly scheduled forms ...
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Mexico is the Retirement Side of the Wall

Aging With Freedom® Book Club interview with author Travis Luther More and more American baby boomers conclude Mexico is the ...
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Cover of Keys to a Successful Retirement

DIY Retirement 23 Keys

An Aging with Freedom Book Club Review A Peer We Admire and Follow In our journey into a successful retirement, ...
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Electric Charging plug in a Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle

What to Drive in Retirement — Used Car 106 MPG

Sci-Fi Spaceship in our driveway What to drive in retirement? When an old car goes out to pasture, and you ...
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Boomers’ Involuntary Retirement Starts Now

COVID-19 Upsets Boomers’ Workforce Exit Plan Baby boomers wanted to work more years and put off retirement. And save more ...
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restacking us healthcare

Restacking U.S. Healthcare

Now would be the time The coronavirus experience highlights what's wrong with current American health financing and delivery. We fund ...
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Coronavirus secrecy kills

COVID-19 Senior Living Transparency

Transparency should be the rule, not the exception. Only two states disclose senior living facilities with coronavirus infections. COVID-19 inside ...
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COVID-19 Brave New World

COVID-19 Brave New World, Reality

It’s a COVID-19 Brave New World. The world changed for us on the weekend of, March 7. In good ways ...
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Push Pause Advances

Push Pause Advances as American National Policy

Actions yesterday by both the Federally regulated Secondary Market makers FannieMae and FredieMac and by leading national bank, Bank of ...
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Push Pause

Push Pause for the Coronavirus

Coronavirus Business Response -- Push Pause Business owners need to push pause with lenders and other creditors and ask for ...
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