John Carpenter's Escape From New York playbill illustrates the post-2020 urban exodus.

Boomer Exodus Answer to 2020

A friend joked, no one correctly predicted where we’d be in 2020. Pandemics will apparently do that. But the pandemic ...
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Ana White farmhouse potting bench by Aging With Freedom assembled but before finish coats.

Free Time is Creative Time Potting Bench Build

Coronavirus isolation changed a lot of creatives’ otherwise full calendars. If you can’t do all of your regularly scheduled forms ...
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Book cover of The Fun Side of the Wall, Baby Boomer Retirement in Mexico, by Travis Scott Luther.

Mexico is the Retirement Side of the Wall

Aging With Freedom® Book Club interview with author Travis Luther More and more American baby boomers conclude Mexico is the ...
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Cover of Keys to a Successful Retirement

DIY Retirement 23 Keys

An Aging with Freedom Book Club Review A Peer We Admire and Follow In our journey into a successful retirement, ...
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Electric Charging plug in a Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle

What to Drive in Retirement — Used Car 106 MPG

Sci-Fi Spaceship in our driveway What to drive in retirement? When an old car goes out to pasture, and you ...
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Boomers’ Involuntary Retirement Starts Now

COVID-19 Upsets Boomers’ Workforce Exit Plan Baby boomers wanted to work more years and put off retirement. And save more ...
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restacking us healthcare

Restacking U.S. Healthcare

Now would be the time The coronavirus experience highlights what's wrong with current American health financing and delivery. We fund ...
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Coronavirus secrecy kills

COVID-19 Senior Living Transparency

Transparency should be the rule, not the exception. Only two states disclose senior living facilities with coronavirus infections. COVID-19 inside ...
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COVID-19 Brave New World

COVID-19 Brave New World, Reality

It’s a COVID-19 Brave New World. The world changed for us on the weekend of, March 7. In good ways ...
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Push Pause Advances

Push Pause Advances as American National Policy

Actions yesterday by both the Federally regulated Secondary Market makers FannieMae and FredieMac and by leading national bank, Bank of ...
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Push Pause

Push Pause for the Coronavirus

Coronavirus Business Response -- Push Pause Business owners need to push pause with lenders and other creditors and ask for ...
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Aging Prepper Superman's not a Plan B 20200304

7 Steps to be an Aging Prepper

Be an aging prepper. Baby Boomers consistently say they don’t want to leave their family home as they age. That ...
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Seaside Siren Song 20200228

Seaside Siren Song

Our ears heard the Seaside siren song as a must-see architectural gem from the first development whispers in 1981. Seaside’s ...
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8 Healthy Han Habits Healthy Aging Nettwork (HAN), a list of Japan's 8 Healthy HAN Habits

Healthy Aging Network — 8 Healthy HAN Habits

Japan is the world's oldest society and a third of Japan's population is over age-60! Think about that. One-third of ...
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Rural Aging

Rural Aging

The unique challenges of rural aging in America are close to home in Northern Iowa, where we live. Rural Hospitals ...
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#cupofholidaycheer 2019

A #CupOfHolidayCheer 2019

Happy Holidays! We've enjoyed our tradition of sharing a #CupOfHolidayCheer and are grateful for your shares, reads, and encouragements. May ...
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Glass Half-Full Retirement 2020

Glass Half Full Retirement 2020, A Contrarian View

Are retiring Boomers the richest generation or headed to the poor house – the argument continues Are Baby Boomers headed ...
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Lifespan by David Sinclair

Lifespan by David Sinclair

Is aging just Inflammation noise in the Epigenetic system reading our DNA code? The aging question Why do we age, ...
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What Car Must Go?

What Car Must Go?

Newer Car Decision Part I -- Fix, Sell, or Buy, the Well-used Car Dilemma What car must go? Or do ...
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1-star nursing home deaths

1-star nursing home deaths: Update after 2 years

Hurricane Irma hit Florida two years ago. Twelve residents of Hollywood Hills nursing home died in the aftermath. The facility ...
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Green Aging #greenaging

What is Green Aging?

Green Aging is living in harmony with nature. It is being present in nature throughout every season for two or ...
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