We toured Heritage Senior Housing in Brentwood, TN in a Nashville suburb mid-May.  Our “tour” involved three separate visits.  Day one we toured the overall site but largely concentrated on touring the surrounding community.  Day two was a 2-hour long PowerPoint marketing presentation by The Heritage sales staff.  It wasn’t until our third visit that we actually toured the apartments, health care center and the overall facility in detail.  At this point, day three, we had a good understanding of the community context and the community itself, both good and bad.  Click here for community reviews.

Heritage Senior Housing

Heritage Senior Housing

The Heritage at Brentwood, TN — Dining Room

A new residential wing, the Redbud, is scheduled to be ready for occupancy in 2018. The Heritage is conducting a marketing campaign to pre-sell the new units.  Our visit was part of that marketing to attract new residents by explaining Life Care in general and advantages of The Heritage in particular.

The Heritage’s Mission Statement

Our mission at the The Heritage at Brentwood is to provide unmatched services and living accommodations for seniors that create confidence and enhance their quality of life.”

We found the entire community to be inviting, cheerful and well maintained.

The Heritage at Brentwood, TN: A Lesson in Hospitality

The Day 2 marketing presentation included a group of 28 other prospects, mostly couples, interested in learning more about The Heritage Senior Housing. The average age of the attendees appeared to be early 70s. The presentation was informative and enjoyable and held in a private dining room within the community’s main clubhouse. Our morning presentation concluded with a lunch in the adjacent residents’ white-table-cloth dining room.

This lunch was wonderful! It featured a maple-glazed salmon filet with al dente baby fingerling potatoes and miniature squash in olive oil and basil. Other attendees chose a chicken dish that was also warmly reviewed. Servers were courteous, warm and professional. The taste and appearance were top notch.

The hospitality service quality of a CCRC contributes strongly to the group social setting that makes for a successful sense of community. It matters to long-term satisfaction.

But it also has its own challenges. No matter how good the restaurant is, eating at the same restaurant every day is a challenge. The Heritage addresses this challenge with seasonally rotating menus and resident involvement in menu planning and testing. (That’s a committee assignment I want.)

Still, a consistently big social outing at The Heritage Senior Housing is the opening of any new restaurant with a buzz. Variety is the spice of life. Quality day-to-day is necessary, but we still like a touch of new and different on occasion.

Fine hospitality services are a strength at The Heritage Senior Housing, helping to support the planned expansion.