Before Coffee, the world is a dark place.

The truth behind acronyms

BC, AD, CE, AC, DC, AC/DC. We love our acronyms. Yes, we know the current debate about switching the nomenclature of the Gregorian calendar.  Itself an evolution of the Julian calendar. Secularist scholars are using B.C. to now mean Before the Common era. It still dates the Common Era from the birth of Christ, so no one is fooled. BC is still the same years — those Before Christ. Gregory was a Catholic Pope after all. Changing labels is apparently easier than changing calendars. We have a happier solution.

Before Coffee

In the Common Era (CE), we have one big benefit BC lacked. Coffee. No one is happy Before Coffee. With the Coffee Era (CE) anything is possible.

Before Coffee life was brutish. After the Coffee Era? We have a third place to gather that isn’t home or work. Before Coffee? The continents were isolated. After the Coffee Era? Coffee is grown on almost every continent. We travel the globe. For Coffee. Coffee continues to grow in dominance and influence. With Coffee we don’t have to take everything so seriously.

Coffee, something we can all agree upon.

Go ahead, fill your cup. It is 2017 CE, after all.

Before Coffee