Over the Boomer Horizon

The Infinite Game

A Leader’s vision doesn’t stop at the goal line. Successful leaders see over the horizon. They play the infinite game. Aging with Freedom is looking over the Boomer horizon. We want to understand where this generation of retirees is going and where they could or should be going.

Simon (Sinek) Says

I have a short list of inspirational heroes. Heroes shape my understanding of leadership and success. Simon Sinek is a relatively recent addition to my mentor list, but he’s compelling for the simplicity with which he conveys big ideas. Today I’m dwelling on Sinek’s distinction between finite goals and infinite vision or purpose.

The Infinite Game, Simon Sinek

Aspirational Vision

Winners in leadership don’t stop after achieving a defined goal. Successful leaders have a purpose that extends beyond the moment. Purpose is aspirational. Visions are ideals. Tomorrow can always be better than today. With the right effort. The pursuit of the purpose or vision is the mission and source of fulfillment, not just the achievement of goals along the way. Purpose is never perfectly achieved. Vision never fully realized.  We never reach the horizon. Success isn’t permanent. Purpose requires sustained, even infinite, effort. Infinite effort requires a long view beyond self-service. It requires focus on beating your own past efforts, not the competition. Becoming a better you is the long view.  So what’s the view over the Boomer horizon?

End of Work Isn’t the End

Guess what? Retiring is at best a finite goal. It is not the vision of what you do after the retirement goal line. Quitting work — retirement — is merely a step towards the horizon. It’s far short of the ultimate vision. So, what do we want to become as we age?

High Purpose Over the Boomer Horizon

This is the foundation behind the third prong of our Aging With Freedom vision of “High Wealth, High Health, and High Purpose.” Purpose requires service to something bigger than self. And purpose is uniquely tied to happiness and satisfaction with life.

We want to work for something. Work isn’t bad. Work without vision or purpose is. And work to no clear, desirable effect? It is unsatisfying. Work, even hard work, in pursuit of a vision imbued with passion? One of the best things in life. Where’s that leave the traditional end of work? It’s not the end of the vision. So there’s more after retirement.

High Purpose is what should be the vision over the Boomer horizon.

High Purpose and Action Steps

If High Purpose is our vision, what are our next steps? Kumanu, The Purpose Company, suggests we start with the following steps to bring our best self to what matters most. Ready to give it a try? 

  1. Think about how you are when you’re at your best. What words come to mind? Write these down.
  2. Who are the people, and what are the causes, organizations, or issues that matter most to you. Write these down, too.
  3. Now the action part. Write down one small thing you can commit to today to bring your best to what matters most.



Simon Sinek: “The Finite and Infinite Games of Leadership” | Talks at Google


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    • Thanks, Inhome Care! We appreciate the feedback. We were just talking about who our readers are. Like you, they seem to share a sense of adventure. They’re happy and in love with improving the world and experiencing people.

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