What is it like to find your life’s purpose and then put it into action?

Living your life’s purpose may not win you a popularity award.

It may not be an easy road.

But for some, like Sister Elizabeth Kenny, living it may leave a legacy worth the fight.

Sister Kenny put ‘a life of purpose’ into action. She pioneering principles of muscle rehabilitation and her work became the foundation of physical therapy. She was an innovator. A lion. She recommended exercise for polio victims when the standard treatment was passive. Sister Kenny persisted. Patients experienced better results. Most experts rejected change. But the Mayo Clinic accepted the results and applied her new best practices. Hence the Minnesota connection and location. Her legacy of courage continues in Minnesota-based Courage Centers.

About Courage Center

The first Courage Center began in 1928. Today, the organization serves the changing needs of children and adults with disabilities. Courage Centers emphasize advocacy and recreation as well as rehabilitation for those with disabilities. The disabled can, should and do participate in society.

Courage Kenny Cards

Courage Kenny Cards and Art of Possibilities use art to improve lives, educate, inspire and showcase the talents of artists with disabilities.

The first cards, sent in 1958, featured a single two-color pencil drawing. From small beginnings, great things grow.  

An iconic Minneapolis sculpture, the Spoonbridge is the centerpiece of the sculpture garden at the Walker Art Center. Artwork is by Twin Cities’ artist Kairong Liu.

Today, dozens of artists produce art for the Courage Kenny Cards. Cards have raised more than $6 million to support the services of Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute.

Courage Art Show & Sale

The Art of Possibilities Art Show & Sale is April 25 through May 17, 2019. It is an annual event. Every Spring, you can purchase juried artworks by artists with a disability online or in-person.

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