Now would be the time

The coronavirus experience highlights what’s wrong with current American health financing and delivery. We fund reactive sick-care. But perform poorly on proactive prevention, wellness, and true healthcare. Up till now? The universal healthcare debate was about funding the status quo sick-care system. Substituting a single-payer writing the checks to providers isn’t enough. It wouldn’t improve our performance against COVID-19. Because we’d only pay for the back assward status quo. But now we have a chance to step back and ask, are we even paying for the right things? Should we, instead, provide universal prevention and wellness healthcare? Not today’s reactive sick-care. Now’s the time to talk about restacking U.S. healthcare for three reasons.

Wellness and Prevention

  • We clearly need more wellness and prevention. COVID-hits hardest those with diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. This highlights the cost of treating disease symptoms after the fact. We should avoid disease burdens beforehand. Risk-factors, disease burdens, or comorbidities all mean the same thing. All three of these comorbidities are byproducts of a carbohydrate loaded diet. And were problematic long before the coronavirus pandemic. All three strike the poor, minorities, and rural areas with far greater frequency. None of them are curable by pills or surgeries. Successful change requires incentives to change behavior before we become emergency room patients. And a safety net of access to prevention and wellness.

Healthcare Providers Ready to Change Themselves

  • The wrong care priorities. It’s easy to argue the other guy must change. Like health insurers or healthcare financing. It’s harder to accept changes that demand you change. Healthcare providers now know what they’re currently doing isn’t working. Not only the administrative burden but the health outcomes too. The delivery system’s priorities are wrong. Regardless of who writes the check. And what we write checks for influences the errors. It’s not simply the financing or payment side of the equation. It’s no longer enough to pay for the old system, universally. We must reshape the care for which we pay as a society. It’s time for restacking U.S. healthcare to put prevention and wellness first.

Small Business Needs the Relief, Now!

  • Free small business from the burden of healthcare. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, small businesses are destitute. After this black swan economic event? Business owners and prospective business owners will be more risk-averse. Take the burden of employer-sponsored healthcare off the back of small business owners. Remove this burden and encourage small businesses to lead the recovery. Reignite their energies and leadership to re-create jobs. In normal times, small businesses employ almost half of all Americans and create half of all new jobs. If we want a return to anything resembling normal, we need small businesses to return and thrive.

Restacking U.S. Healthcare

The system shocking coronavirus pandemic hits as all. Consumers, patients, healthcare providers, business owners. All our various hats. The emergency highlights the cracks and flaws in status quo health delivery. Simply paying for what we have today with a single-payer? Not enough. We need to reconsider the priority of what we are buying as a society. Restacking U.S. healthcare is both necessary and timely.


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