Contact Us And Share Your Ideas

Contact us and share your ideas.

Passion Led Us Here. We have been where you are and we are passionate about helping other families successfully navigate the senior housing industry to find the best possible community for you or your loved one. We want to help you make informed, comparative senior living choices. So contact us, ask us some questions or share your ideas with us. It is an exciting time in this field and we’re hoping you’ll stay connected and part our community here. or



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  1. Thank you for connecting with me on Twitter. I have perused your website and would like you to be on my blog and/or vice versa. We would also love it if one of your founders would like do a quick-fire Q&A on my Retirement Rebels interview series. I look forward to hearing from you soon. With gratitude, George

  2. It helps to keep up to date with architecture and design news on architectural design including profiles on top talent,building announcements and new projects.

    • We agree. Architectural trends matter for a lot of reasons. Simply enjoying the resulting built-environment. Real estate values. Creating community. And more.

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