Inspiration, Fun and News

Inspiration, Fun and News

Inspiration, Fun and News

“Everything grand is made from a series of ugly little moments. Everything worthwhile by hours of self-doubt and days of drudgery. All the works by people you and I admire sit atop a foundation of failures. So whatever your project, whatever your struggle, whatever your dream, keep toiling, because the world needs your skyscraper. Per aspera, ad astra! —Pierce Brown”

Inspiration, Fun and News

“A healthy and fit body would then slow aging because the cells are rejuvenated often leading to wellness. When body cells are properly nourished, they live longer, preventing slow aging. Bear in mind, though, that a healthy mind promotes a healthy body.”

“Think positively and your body would also respond positively. In the end, it is how you think that would greatly influence how your body responds. A mind that is happy would slow aging by several milliseconds, so, clear the clutter from your mind and be optimistic at all times.” — The Brain; Can a Healthy Train of Thought Slow Aging?

Inspiration, Fun and News

Active aging week 2018 September 23 – September 29

Inspiration, Fun and News

The bags under my eyes are designer

Inspiration, Fun and News

This morning, the sun endures past dawn. I realize that it is August_ the summer’s last stand

Inspiration, Fun and News

“Some of the best memories are made in flip flops.”


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  1. Nice information, really appreciate your time and dictation on this work.

  2. Love the inspirational photos that you posted here as well as the video of a TED talk you shared. Its the inspiration i’m looking for the day. Thanks.

    • Thanks for the feedback, Jamie Cordon. Inspiration helps us pursue all of the aspirations in our life. We’re currently reading Simon Sinek’s, “Start with Why.” Sinek distinguishes between formal authority that uses manipulation to motivate and leaders that inspire. Inspiration produces better results as individuals and for teams or cultures. We love motivational TED talks too.

  3. Great job Dan and Lori!
    A big fan of your work. Feel free to check out scientific related information.

  4. Really Useful Article, It’s very informative writing, Thanks for sharing,

    • Thanks for the feedback, Rashel Ahmed! We try to hit both interesting facts from the consumer perspective and inspiration to encourage effective action.

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