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Diabetes and Weights

Harvard Study suggests lifting weights helps prevent type 2 diabetes – Combining daily weight training with aerobic exercise may be able to reduce the risk – up to 59 percent.
Inspiration, Fun and News

Diabetes and Weights: Studies indicate weight lifting and aerobic exercise can significantly reduce the resist of diabetes. Photo by Victor Freitas

Everyday Health reports:  “findings in a new study, published in the February 2018 edition of the American Journal of Physiology, suggests resistance exercise mitigates indicators of type 2 diabetes by increasing the effects of a protein that regulates blood sugar absorption in the body.”

Inspiration, Fun and News

Our glory days are still ahead of us

Inspiration, Fun and News

“Mood follows action. In other words_ Don’t think. Do.” – Rich Roll

Inspiration, Fun and News

You know all those things you’ve always wanted to do? Go Do Them!

Inspiration, Fun and News

Go into the weekend with an adventurous spirit.

Inspiration, Fun and News


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  2. Love the inspirational photos that you posted here as well as the video of a TED talk you shared. Its the inspiration i’m looking for the day. Thanks.

    • Thanks for the feedback, Jamie Cordon. Inspiration helps us pursue all of the aspirations in our life. We’re currently reading Simon Sinek’s, “Start with Why.” Sinek distinguishes between formal authority that uses manipulation to motivate and leaders that inspire. Inspiration produces better results as individuals and for teams or cultures. We love motivational TED talks too.

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    • Thanks for the feedback, Rashel Ahmed! We try to hit both interesting facts from the consumer perspective and inspiration to encourage effective action.

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