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Thanks so much for dropping in and getting started with us! We realize there is a lot of information on Aging With Freedom, so we put together this page to help you get started.

How Aging With Freedom can help you

Aging With Freedom advocates for Baby Boomers to age well and live a great retirement filled with purpose and passion.

We have experience in the policy issues and products and services for the senior services and housing industry.

We’re representative of the sandwich generation caring for our folks late in their lives. That experience influences Baby Boomers’ perceptions of and plans for our own retirement and successful aging.

We write with the voice of the consumer. We want to be and want to help you be good buyers finding the best and avoiding the rest.

We have a special interest in:

  • Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs) or Life Plan Communities — full-service senior living communities offering a variety of living options depending upon your current needs.
  • Personal finances in retirement and associated public policy around Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.
  • New technology and innovative businesses changing consumer’s lives and supporting independence and better health.

We are passionate about living a full, active life and we strive to help our readers do the same.

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  • How to Untangle Terms of Art ::  If you want a fast course understanding the terms used for the CCRC industry, start here.
  • Table of Contents :: Blogs are unlike print material because they are growing constantly, but this is a list of all our content (by date or by category).
  • Why Study CCRC? ::  Learn why we believe the effort to research and find the best retirement community or senior housing begins early and why we started this journey.


What You’ll Find at Aging With Freedom: START HERE

  • Weekly Posts and General Musings :: Like you, we are planners and think long term. We believe everyone deserves a joy-filled, purpose-driven life. Our mission is to empower you and your family to actively choose your future or assist your parents in choosing their future. Through our research and community reviews you’ll be able to go beyond simply selecting a senior housing with a facility tour. We are sharing current research, studies, cutting-edge thought in active aging so you can clearly define what your later adult years could be and then support that vision with the communities best suited to you.
  • Community Reviews :: We publish senior community reviews and highlights to assist you in your search. We do our best to keep current with the most cutting-edge communities and trends. Several news articles are shared here to give you a sense of the developments of these selected communities. This is a dynamic site and links come and go on.
  • Books We’ve Read in Along Our Journey :: In addition to a list of the books we’re currently reading, we post some reviews and outlines/questions to be used with your own reading group. We track and star the most popular book selections for your reference.
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medicare ratings uses a series of stars

medicare ratings uses a series of stars

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