Explore the possibilities. Active Aging Week begins next Monday! Are you ready?

Every year since 2003, the last week in September is Active Aging Week. This effort is led by the International Council on Active Aging (ICCA).

Active Aging Week 2016 is next week – September 25 through October 1. The 2016 theme is “Explore the possibilities.” Barbara Womer, wellness director at Elim Park, won the competition to define a theme for this week.  Congratulations to Ms. Womer and Elim Park! (Elim Park is a continuing care retirement community (CCRC) in Cheshire, Connecticut.)

Explore the possibilities

Active Aging Week’s goal is to “engage participants in wellness activities in a safe, friendly and fun atmosphere.” This includes activities in all aspects of wellness. (See our related article about the Whole-Person Wellness Dimensions).

Active Aging Week Ideas & Resources

The International Council on Active Aging (ICCA) has resources posted on the Active Aging website. You can use these to promote and structure your events. Most of these resources can be downloaded. So if you’ve not yet planned for next week, there is still time.  Need ideas? Here’re some ideas highlighted from last year’s activities.

2016 WALK!

A 2016 Walk! is being sponsored by Aegis Therapies in coordination with ICCA. Last year, the nationwide event touched more than 44,000 participants who walked a combined total of 66,000 miles. The goal is to walk and log your miles for all 6 days of the week-long celebration. Along with community-wide resources, Aegis also offers an at-home participation guide and information once you’re registered. You can register online at www.WalkWithAegis.com .

Dan and I are registered with Aegis and plan to celebrate “Explore The Possibilities” next week.

  1. We are organizing a local walkabout in the early evening throughout the week. This a first-time experiment. If successful, we’d like to continue these throughout the year. Living in a summer-resort town means there are fewer of us around this time of the year. Therefore it might be a challenge but also a potential opportunity.
  2. We’ll be attending a local inter-generational art-focused afternoon at our Art Center. This is a new program started this month. We’re hoping to report more about this in the future.
  3. Finally, we’re planning to spend a couple days with Lori’s parents and do some walkabouts with Mom and Dad.

So, what is your game plan?

Be an active joiner, even for one day. Remember, it only takes one to start a movement. It is the followers who validate the leader’s efforts that make a movement. Be a joiner and make this a movement. We need these types of efforts to make a real change here in the U.S. Be that change.

Then celebrate and share your efforts. Share with us next week. And tell everyone about your events and happenings using twitter (include #ActiveAgingWeek in your tweet).

It will be a fun week and sharing will multiply the enjoyment.

Be that change