The Heritage at Brentwood shines

Okay. Wow. Just wow. Sometimes your first impression is unexpectedly positive. You expect okay, but find stunning. It happens with movies. Some of our favorite movies are the unexpected surprises that weren’t big blockbusters. The better than expected surprise hit us at The Heritage at Brentwood.

We got off I-65, an anywhere urban freeway, and entered an upscale neighborhood of brick estate homes with large, graciously landscaped lots. A modern library and fire station are opposite the facility’s entrance drive at Heritage Way. The approach to The Heritage at Brentwood is a grand, winding road between rolling wooded hills. A large modern county indoor sports facilities is spread out over one open vista to the right.

A pin neat single story structure is next, on the left. A sign indicates it’s an adult day care or respite care facility.

One more low-rise and winding turn opens up a grand vista to The Heritage. You definitely drive into this estate like setting and not onto the property. It felt like Elizabeth Bennet seeing Mr. Darcy’s home, Pemberley, for the first time in Pride and Prejudice.

There’s a gatehouse (unmanned) but your eyes are drawn to the large pond and fountain that front the Villas and the long curve of intricately detailed buildings. The architectural style with the roof pitches, copula, and the central tower echo the grand horse racing stables and estates of Tennessee and Kentucky. Everywhere are flowering understory trees and flower gardens. The backdrop is hills with even larger trees. (Trees that hide from view the still adjacent Interstate freeway.)

Now in fairness, we were lucky with the time of year, touring in mid-May when the landscaping was in full bloom. Magnolias and other flowering trees scented the air. But it wasn’t just timing and Mother Nature. The landscape was well manicured and clearly planned and attended. We saw several crews working, mowing grass, tending beds and otherwise maintaining the secret garden.

The Heritage at Brentwood

The Heritage at Brentwood : Clubhouse Entry

Let’s just say we were well-disposed towards The Heritage before we even walked into the front door under a huge porte-cochere with open post and beam framing.

Flowering Magnolias and Garden Parties: The Heritage at Brentwood

We later saw the interior courtyard of one of the independent living apartment, blocks. It was set up for an event with tents and chairs in a well-landscaped greensward with nooks and paths of handscaping. So the attention to detail was not just on the front door.

The Heritage at Brentwood

The Heritage at Brentwood interior courtyard

The reality of life and marketing is that first impressions matter. In The Heritage at Brentwood, we saw a lot of attention to detail that carried throughout the public spaces and hospitality features. The subtle message of the well-manicured facility is, “We care.” The implicit promise is, “We’ll care for you.”

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