“This healthcare facility failed to do their basic duty to protect life,” Florida Governor Rick Scott. “The more we learn about this, the more concerning the tragedy is.” — CNN

A Florida 1-Star Nursing Home Left Without Air Conditioning

Don’t think those Medicare Star Ratings mean anything? In the wake of hurricane Irma, a Florida 1-Star nursing home (far below average) left without air condition has resulted in nine resident deaths, apparently from excessive heat.  Read the associated news stories here:  (CNN WIRE)  (CBS NEWS)

The nursing home failed to maintain air conditioning or alternatively to evacuate high-risk patients.

“What has happened here is inexcusable,” Florida Sen. Bill Nelson said Wednesday. “These kind of facilities should be regulated with a strong, tight rein … and it hasn’t happened.”
CBS News

The quality of care and quality of caring varies widely. Pay attention to the Medicare 5-star ratings.

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1-star nursing home deaths: Update after 2 years (9/4/2019)

1-star nursing home deaths