Baby Boomers Aging Well is all about Habits

With baby boomers retiring, boomers aging well is a popular topic. Here’s a sampling of some of our favorite articles. There are definitely some repeating themes!

Real Simple Magazine — 7 Habits

Real Simple Magazine posted their “7 Habits of People Who Age Well”.

  1. Maintain a positive attitude. (See: A Grateful Heart: 4 steps to make you happier and more grateful)
  2. Watch what you eat… (See: What Gut Testing is Telling You)

  3. …And how much you eat.
  4. Exercise regularly. (See: Osteoporosis in Aging & Iron Nun, Olympics and Taking on Aging as a Sport)
  5. Stay social. (see: What is Creative Aging?)

  6. Protect your skin from the sun.

  7. Get plenty of sleep.

Inc. Magazine — 5 Daily Habits

Inc. Magazine’s list of their “5 Daily Habits of People Who Age Well (Warning: Diet and Exercise Are Not Enough)”

  1. Mediterranean diet
  2. Exercise (See:  Iron Nun, Olympics and Taking on Aging as a Sport, Osteoporosis in Aging & Why HIIT is the new it thing for Baby Boomer Wellness)
  3. Social relationships (See: Making Friends in Retirement & Healthy Han Habits)
  4. Meditation (See: Green Aging)
  5. Optimism (See: Inspiration, Fun, and News)

Aging Well Habits

Country Living — 25 Habits

According to Country Living, baby boomers aging well share these habits, they:

  1. Focus on the positive aspects of life (See: Inspiration, Fun, and News)
  2. Enjoy working
  3. Use homemade remedies
  4. Practice gratitude (See: A Grateful Heart: 4 steps to make you happier and more grateful)
  5. Wear sunscreen
  6. Indulge in moderation
  7. Believe they’re in control of their destiny (See: Iron Nun, Olympics and Taking on Aging as a Sport)
  8. Have a skincare regimen
  9. Don’t wear a ton of makeup
  10. Not opposed to pharmaceutical help
  11. Get a physical each year
  12. Take care of your heart
  13. Have social lives (See: What is Creative Aging?)
  14. Play video games
  15. Eat a plant-based diet…sometimes 
  16. Exercise regularly (See: Osteoporosis in Aging & Iron Nun, Olympics and Taking on Aging as a Sport)
  17. Don’t watch TV
  18. Don’t smoke
  19. Never stop learning (See: Aging With Freedom LifeCast Book Club)
  20. Make sleep a priority (See: Healthy Han Habits)
  21. Be Adventurous (See: What is Creative Aging? & How to Plan an Adventure)
  22. Have hobbies (See: Creative Time is Free Time)
  23. Create a sense of purpose (See: Over The Boomer Horizon)
  24. Have a childlike sense of awe
  25. Look forward to growing older

Aging with Freedom — 3 Transformations

We particularly like the Country Living Magazine 25 Habits. It echoes our own lessons of Aging with Freedom. These habits are essential to the three complementary Aging with Freedom Transformations:

  1. High wealth — wealth is relative, appreciate what you have and strike a lifestyle balance within your means. Money alone doesn’t guarantee happiness. Oddly enough, living within your means is a better predictor of happiness than absolute wealth.
  2. High health — so much of health is within our control. The time to maintain flexibility, strength, and weight is now. It protects both physical and mental or emotional health down the road.
  3. High purpose — wealth and health is meaningless without the social connections of purpose. Purpose is what we do for others and not just in service to self.


Get in the habit of asking yourself: does this support the retirement I'm trying to create for myself? Habits of Baby Boomers Aging Well

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