Due South – FinCon17 Dallas

Rebranding for Clarity

You know how it feels to put something off you know you need to do? And then one day you just decide you can’t put it off any longer. It’s both a relief and a rush. That’s how we feel about our rebranding decision. You can help us pick our final new brand name below.

FinCon17 Dallas

We drove twelve hours due south on I-35 from our home base along the Iowa/Minnesota boarder to Dallas, Texas for clarity on what’s next. We spent the last week of October at our first FinCon in Dallas. FinCon is the annual convention of financial bloggers and financial technology (FinTech) companies. In our own journey to financial independence, we were inspired by many FinCon speakers and attendees. We’ve followed FinCon from afar for at least a couple of years. In our end-of-year planning last December we committed to going this year. Feeling energized. It rubs off from hanging around 1,700 other financial bloggers and technologists. Some high-energy people like Dee-1 fired us up. And feeling exhausted now that we’re home. Three days of driving around an intense four-day event is a full week. FinCon is packed with sessions and keynotes by financial advice superstars.

MoneyBoss JD Roth

One of the included features is a one-on-one mentoring session with an experienced brand personality. And we hit the jackpot. Lori started reading www.GetRichSlowly.org more than twelve years ago. The originator, JD Roth is one of those superstars. He retired early (from working for others) and built a huge online following. Eventually, he sold his original blog to a financial powerhouse. And he started a new financial blog, www.MoneyBoss.com. He is an expert in building engaged, online communities. Even though he’s ten-years-younger than us, JD’s example was part of our inspiration for starting www.CCRCLifeCast.com. So when we found out JD Roth is our assigned FinCon mentor, Lori was over the moon.


Now the hard part. Since starting more than two years ago, we’ve broadened the focus of our blog beyond just senior housing reviews. We discovered the choice of housing lifestyle was tangled up with other issues and couldn’t be neatly separated. We also discovered that the senior housing industry isn’t especially transparent with financial or qualitative data. Some things we wanted to do couldn’t be done easily without publicly available data. Our original title was tied to the subject matter of our original focus. It is increasingly the wrong title as we broaden our focus to more completely address our original tagline, Aging with Freedom (Ageing for our British cousins.)


We also learned that a blog should reflect the transformation or result desired by the reader, not the actions or focus of the writer. We’ve known that our original domain name and brand were wrong. But we hadn’t pulled the trigger on change. JD Roth forced our hand. “You have to rebrand. I don’t know what a CCRC LifeCast is.” Fair enough. The good news. He loved our tagline, Aging with Freedom. “Now that’s the name of a great financial independence blog for boomers.” It conveys the results we want our boomer readers to experience. Freedom from worry. Freedom from loneliness. Boomers preparing for or living retirement should have high wealth, high health, and high purpose. Any one is necessary, but insufficient for happiness. It takes all three for Aging with Freedom.


So we’re home from Dallas and the rebranding is a go. And we’re not alone. JD Roth recently bought back his original blog, Get Rich Slowly, and faces the rebranding challenge of combining his subsequent ventures like Money Boss under a single brand. He promises we’ll work through some of the technical challenges together. It’s something of an effort to switch brands without losing your established followers under the old brand. We love our readers so want to make sure you follow us on our journey and under our new brand.


First thing you can help answer – what’s a better domain name or URL for sharing our take on boomers preparing for or living in retirement? We’ll continue to have a special focus on the choice of housing and where to live. It’s such a big part of both the retirement experience and budget. Plus. boomers have a large share of their personal wealth tied up in their primary homes. Boomers want to age-in-place or stay in their home. The problem? You can’t eat your house. Answering this dilemma right is critical to success. So best name? Please help by completing the brief 3-question survey below.

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We’re also trying to make blog 2.0 more personal by sharing more of our own personal finance and boomer retirement journey. It’s not like we’re perfect. We learned plenty of lessons the hard way, by making the mistakes. That’s one reason we want to share to help you avoid the learning curve. We plan to include a personal scorecard of wealth, health, and purpose. You’ll see our score, you can calculate your own, and compare it against the aggregate of all our followers. We think it will be a good reality check and motivator for both us and you.

Now you know we have some big changes ahead. We’ll keep CCRCLifeCast tied-into the new domain and brand, so you can find us via either route. We’ll deliver some exciting new content and tools you’ll love to use on your own journey to Aging with Freedom.